The office is in charge of synthesizing and coordinating the Department’s general operation, maintaining the regulations and relations between the Department and other related agencies; making plans and coordinating schedules, working programs of the Department and the Board of Directors; keeping up working relations between the Board and the Department’s divisions; supervising the divisions to exercise directions, policies and working plans; managing ‘Administrative Application Reception and Return’ division; assisting the leaders in emulations, rewards every six months, every year or suddenly for groups and individuals who have good records; on duty in the Department’s emulation and reward council; assisting the leaders in financial and logistic activities; organising financial and logistic activities necessary to the Department’s internal and diplomatic activities and helping the Board function the state management in financial and logistic activities; managing the public properties; organising, managing and restoring portfolios, documents in accordance with the sector, city and State regulations; making suggestions on policies on and solutions to mechanism, management, training as well as regulations and incentives for staffs and employees; conducting research on and making proposals for regulations, procedure and solutions re administration, planning, promotion, recruitment, reward and punishment; administrating staff profiles in accordance with current State regulations; assisting the Board in administrative reforms and internal politics protection.