NGO and Grant Management Division

The division’s responsibilities include as follows:

- Working in collaboration with related agencies to manage activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and foreign individuals operating in the city in accordance with Vietnamese laws; conducting research on and making proposals for operation permit issuance for Hanoi-based NGOs; making suggestions on permit extension, amendment, addition or redemption, conference and internal discussion organisation of Hanoi-based NGOs; observing operation of NGOs and foreign organisatons in Hanoi;

- Conducting research, making suggestions, receiving and implementing NGO- and foreign-aided projects in accordance with Vietnamese laws; providing guidance for the city’s agencies to exercise regulations on mobilization, reception and implementation of the projects; working in collaboration with project making groups to mobilize aids, receiving portfolios about project and non-project implementation permit, foreign volunteers submitted by the city’s agencies, collaborating with related offices to assess and submit to functional levels for approval in accordance with current regulations; making annual reports which analyse situations, lessons and suggest policies and solutions to mobilize and receive aids;

- Providing guidance, receiving portfolios and conducting necessary procedure to ask the city People’s Committee to issue permits on establishing a foreign entrepreneur association in Hanoi; working in collaboration with related agencies to manage activities of the association in accordance with Vietnamese laws.