Hanoi strengthen cooperation with the business community in the UK


On 22nd September 22, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung received the UK Ambassador of UK in Vietnam, Mr. Giles Lever.

In the framework of the reception, The Vice Chairman of British Business Group (BBGV) Mr. Christhopher Jeffery expressed that British Business Group expected to promote trade promotion to the key areas of Vietnam, in which Hanoi is the leading destination. "In the near future, BBGV expected to continue to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the capital," Jefferson said.

Appreciating the activities of BBGV in Hanoi, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said that the organization has been actively contributing to the development of the capital. Especially, with the cooperation from BBGV, Hanoi has pilot implemented the national high school baccalaureate program in Vietnam and the British Baccalaureate - A level certificate awarded by Chu Van An High School and International Examination Council of the University of Cambridge (CIE).

About the seminar "Hanoi - BBGV: Strengthening economic partnership" next month, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee will ensure creating conditions for the event to succeed and agree on about the mechanism of direct cooperation between enterprises of  BBGV and Capital businesses.

On this occasion, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung also welcomed the practical and effective activities of the British Embassy in recent years to promote cooperation between the UK and Hanoi. Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung wishes Ambassador Giles Lever will continue to be a bridge for the two sides to strengthen cooperation in such areas as education, finance - banking, commerce, information technology, design consultancy, legal consultancy ...

Agree with the proposal from the City's leaders, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Vietnam affirmed his position in the effort to promote cooperation between Hanoi capital and other provinces in the UK.


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