Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee meets Representatives of Hanoi Evangelical Church


On the morning of November 25th, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung held a meeting with the delegation of Hanoi Evangelical Church (HEC) led by Executive Pastor Bui Quoc Phong.

At the meeting, Pastor Phong and Pastor Jacob Bloemberg of Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) expressed their gratitude to Hanoi government and its authorities for facilitating the effective operation of HEC.

Regarding its activities, the clergyman said that for recent years, with the support of the city government and the encouragement of the national church, the faithful of HEC have conducted non-profit programmes like health care service, blood donation, the pilot project of detoxification which has helped to rehabilitate hundreds of drug addicts, etc.

Pastor Phong also shared his impression about an environment workshop co-organised by the Hanoi Department of Public Security and the Hanoi Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front on November 24th. He hoped HEC would join environmental protection activities such as planting more trees around its campus, weeding and collecting trash along streets or cleaning ditches in Dong Da district. Besides, he sought for the support of the city government for the Church to organise the Christmas Concert 2016 at Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Chairman Chung valued the non-profit activities by HEC, affirming the city authorities always facilitate the operation of (international and domestic) religious institutions, including HEC, in Hanoi under the state and city’s regulations. “For the Christmas Concert, the city will provide as much assistance as possible”, stated he.

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