Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee invites the Ambassador of the United States back to Hanoi on occasion of Tet holiday


On November 3rd, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung received Ambassador of the United States Ted Osius at the end of his tenure.

At the meeting, Ambassador Ted Osius affirmed, three years on the role as Ambassador of United States in Vietnam are a great time for him and his family. Mr. Ted Osius expressed his thanks for the efforts of Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung as well as the officials of Hanoi People’s Committee in preparing the forthcoming visit of President Donald Trump.

Congratulations Ambassador Ted Osius for his successful tenure in Vietnam, Chairman of  Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung appreciated highly the Ambassador’s cooperation with Vietnam as well as Hanoi.

Chairman of  Hanoi People’s Committee shared, he and the people of Hanoi greatly appreciate the Ambassador’s special affection for Hanoi. In particular, the Ambassador made an important contribution to building bilateral relations between Vietnam and the US in general and relations between Hanoi and other cities of  US in particular. Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung hopes that Ted Osius with new mission at Fulbright University in Vietnam will continue to be a bridge to make deepen bilateral relations between two sides. 

Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung shared that Vietnamese people traditionally come back to their hometown on Tet holiday, thus, he had invited Ambassador Ted Osius to return to Hanoi - the second hometown every time since the New Year is coming. 

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