World Bank is willing to support Hanoi to manage food hygiene and safety


On October 26, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung received the Director of the Asia-Pacific Region in Agriculture (the World Bank), Mr. Nathan Belete.

Through the exchange, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee affirmed that the management of food safety and hygiene (ATVSTP) is considered one of the five main measures to improve the quality of life of the people in Hanoi. With that spirit, Hanoi authority has established a general steering committee on food hygiene and safety, Hanoi is also the leader in the country to pilot the inspection on food safety in the area. These efforts have been drastic implement during the past year.

In addition, the government’s City also coordinated with the enterprises of  German to building an automatic slaughterhouse with a capacity of 300-500 animals per hour, efforts to synchronize the process. Hanoi surveyed and encouraged enterprises to build markets and large frozen storage for food preservation. 

The Chairman of  Hanoi People’s Committee wished that through this visit, WB will continue to support the City to improve food safety and hygiene in particular, improve the quality of life’s peoples in general.

Thanks to the support of  World Bank in the past time, Chairman of  Hanoi People’s committee wished the cooperations in the field of food hygiene and safety will be continuously maintained, according to the action plan until 2025. Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung also suggested  WB supports the City to build a database of additives and food’s preservation and the two parties together make a specific plan of food hygiene and safety.

Agreeing with the propose of the city’s leaders, the Director of Agriculture of the Director of the Asia-Pacific Region in Agriculture (the World Bank) affirmed that they will soon deploy the related cooperations as soon as the two sides fully research and have a ready mechanism.


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