Hanoi supports connecting French-speaking cities in urban heritage conservation


On February 14th, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung met with Mr. Pierre Baillet, Permanent Secretary of the International Association of Mayors of French-speaking Cities (AIMF).

At the meeting, Mr. Pierre Baillet expressed his pleasure at Vietnam – France relations and Paris – Hanoi ties which are increasingly enhanced and growing substantive with practical collaborations. During his trip to Southeast Asia, AIMF Permanent Secretary defined his primary objective of establishing a network of Southeast Asian states to promote capacity for government of the regional major cities with a view to helping them to extend their influence in the world with the support of the EU.

The AIMF desires to hold an event in mode of an Executive Council meeting in Hanoi attended by members of the Executive Council and representatives from Southeast Asian cities.

Such an event is aimed at boosting the image of Hanoi and other cities in Southeast Asia as well and also contributing to strengthening the relationship among French-speaking cities in the ASEAN Community.

Appreciating the ideas and information from the leader of the AIMF, Chairman Chung further discussed content of the event. He stated that Hanoi is willing to work with the organisation to conduct the AIMF Executive Council meeting. Hanoi is now encouraging and promoting multi-faceted cooperation with hundreds of partners that are capitals, regions and major cities over the world, he added.

-Xuan Quoc-

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