EuroCham is willing to support Hanoi become smart city


On the morning of May 10th, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung received Jens Ruebbert - President of European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham).

At the meeting, Mr. Jens Ruebbert affirmed that EuroCham's mission is to become a forum that connecting European businesses with Vietnamese enterprises. In the context of the forthcoming European Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), EuroCham’s aim is to help the FTA go into active operation.

Regarding the cooperation with the Capital, EuroCham wanted to support Hanoi in combining economic development with ecological conservation towards a model of smart city in the region. The agency also expected to contribute to promoting Hanoi's image to Europe. Especially, Chairman of EuroCham said: "We encourage small and medium enterprises in Europe to cooperate with Vietnam and have the plan to organize seminars promoting cooperation between small and medium enterprises on the coming June 8 in Hanoi ".

Agreed with specific proposals of Chairman of EuroCham, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee said that Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular always appreciated European partners and businesses. They are prioritized in the city's development program with key activities such as technology exchange, investment promotion with the goal of mutual benefit and mutual development. Currently, the activities of building infrastructure, improving the environment, treating waste and energy in the Capital are applied technology from Europe which are consulted and invested by European enterprises.

Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung affirmed Hanoi always welcomes foreign investors in general and Europe in particular. He  said that the government has reduced the administrative procedures, granting licenses for Foreign enterprises; reformed the method of information announcement, striving for a transparent and modern business environment and attracting more foreign enterprises to operate in the Capital.

Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung confirmed that Hanoi would support the activities of European businesses in Hanoi. In particular, creating favorable conditions for European businesses to invest in the capital in three areas: environmental improvement (water purification, tree pruning, air improvement), transport infrastructure (building bridge across the Red River, options for promoting public transport, reducing personal vehicles), and at the same time building e-government.

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