Consulate Division

The division’s responsibilities include conducting tasks related to delegations which come to and leave Hanoi, overseas Vietnamese and consulate relation activities, specifically as follows:

- Regarding management of delegations leaving Hanoi: providing guidance, conducting necessary procedure in accordance with the city’s management for delegations leaving for foreign countries; conducting necessary immigration procedure for delegations sent by the city’s Committee, People’s Committee, People’s Council to overseas; making suggestions on plans and conducting procedure for working trips of the city’s staffs including delagations of the city’s Committee, People’s Committee, People’s Council, and other organisations; managing contents and efficiency of the delegations sent to overseas working trips; quarterly reporting to the city’s Standing Board, People’s Committee on quality and quantity as well as efficiency of the delegations.

- Regarding management of delegations coming to Hanoi: providing guidance and conducting necessary procedure for foreign delegations which come for work with the city’s divisions; synthesizing and reporting on activities of the foreign delegations within the city’s management scale; making suggestions on and proposals for APEC entrepreneur card issuance according to current regulations.

- Regarding overseas Vietnamese related activities: conducting research on and analysis of policies on overseas Vietnamese related activities in the city; collaborating with the city’s other departments and offices in assisting, informing, encouraging overseas Vietnamese and their relatives to establish relations with the city.

- Regarding consulate activities: assisting the Department’s leaders in managing consulate activities in the city; conducting research, making proposals and exercising consulate activities involving foreign factors tightly abiding diplomatic policies and the State’s policies on sovereignty protection; participating in solving foreigner-related subjects including traffic accidents, death, and consulate subjects including relatives, properties, immigration… tightly abiding Vietnamese laws; participating in research, suggestions on amendment, addition or issuance of documents on the state management of delegations and foreign individuals which come to or leave Hanoi within the city’s management scale.